FANUC A06B-6059-H212

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Do you need a FANUC A06B-6059-H212 AC spindle servo unit? This 12S spindle drive is always in stock here in California; call us today for same day shipping. CNC West offer exchange, surplus, testing and repair facilities for this S Series 12kW spindle drive with software versions; A06B6059H212#H514 & A06B6059H212#H515.

This drive has become one of the most popular of Fanuc’s past. Due to the drive being on tens of thousands of machine tools during a five year period. This A06B-6059-H212 has a digital interface being part of FANUC 200VAC series of AC amplifiers containing: A20B-1003-0010 top card and wiring pcb A20B-1003-0020 (only top pcb supplied separate). This particular spindle on first release used two A50L-0001-0175 transistor modules; however on later release used a A50L-0001-0209 in place of one. Further the original wiring pcb had beefed up bus bars on later versions. This motor normally powered 12S/4500 or 12S/6000 AC spindle motors with B, BZ and other feedback types. This spindle drive is a standalone unit.

Benefits of ordering a Fanuc A06B-6059-H212 from CNC West?

CNC West offer extensive services for this 12S spindle drive. Including exstock exchange ready to ship today, surplus modules for outright sale backed by our 12 month warranty. If cost is key; then we also offer 24 hour standard repair turnaround on these spindles (more below). This product whether repaired, exchange or sold on an outright basis carries a one year warranty. If you have problems with this AC spindle servo unit, it’s covered by one year warranty from date of purchase.

Further we also supply transistor modules, and fuses for these drives if required. Along with this AC spindle unit from the S Series we also stock most other Analog, Serial and Alpha spindles amps.

Our shipping, repair, testing policies: A06B-6059-H212.

If you need to get this product repaired; then we offer a 24 hour repair turnaround service including cleaning, inspection, fault diagnosis and testing. Assuming a standard repair with no missing parts then this will be a cheaper solution than our 12S exchange option. Beyond repair, full refurbishment covers the rebuild of your spindle drive due to damaged parts such as plastic frame or case and or damage to other pcbs or the heat exchange.

If you order this product from us before 3.15PM and its in stock; then we should be able to ship same day. Check our Fanuc spindle drive alarm pages for known issues.


This Fanuc A06B-6059-H212 is a common unit on machine tools throughout the world. Order an exchange or surplus from us today and get your machine up and running backed by our 12 month warranty.

Interested in learning more? Contact us too discuss options for exchange, surplus or repair of your A06B-6059-H212 at (619) 477-9011 or by email at sales@cnc-electronics.net. We’d be happy to answer your questions and give you a free copy of our 2020 catalog!

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