Parts warranty by service or sale type.

CNC West (CNC Electronics West Inc) offers parts warranty dependent on the type of GE Fanuc part, service and its application. Basically for repair and exchange warranty is 12 months. For new CNC replacement GE Fanuc parts built by us 2 years. For surplus used and new GE Fanuc parts normally 12 months. Though dependent on the third party supplier of the new GE Fanuc parts. Also no warranties are offered on some Fanuc parts and in special circumstances. Please NOTE: All warranties are subject to the GE Fanuc parts that we have supplied being faulty in some manner – not to individuals or companies blowing them up, due to lack of experience, negligence or ignorance in any way.

  • FANUC Drives warranty is 1 year from date of purchase on new or refurbished exchange amplifiers or outright sale of drive units. Drive repair warranty is also 1 year, and limited to failure of parts and repairs conducted by CNC West. On occasion via consent of both parties no warranty repair can be offered if the drive has sustained corrosion damage to PCB’s though repairable. However susceptible to fault in the short term due to corrosion.
  • FANUC Power Supply Units as standard carry a 1 year warranty on Exchange or when repaired. CNC West (CNC Electronics West Inc) replacement psu’s for the FANUC 3, 6 and the series 0-C carry a 2 year warranty from date of pruchase. warranty.
  • FANUC Controls and PCB’s are covered by a 12 month warranty. Refurbished and new exchange or outright parts carry our standard warranty. Repaired parts carry a limited warranty to the parts and labor supplied by CNC. New memory replacement PCB’s carry a 2 year warranty.
  • FANUC Motors warranty is 1 Year on all motors supplied either exchange or repair, whether new or refurbished; inclusive of encoders. Physical damage caused to the motor by improper use is not covered; including snapped shafts, or any ingression of liquids, etc. CNC West will not warranty wet motors under any circumstance.
  • CNC Monitors are replacement LED based displays supplied as equivalents to the OEM monitor manufacurers version. Our LCD monitors are supplied with a industry leading 2 year warranty. Any CRT monitors that we supply as new CRT versions are supplied with a 1 year warranty from date of sale. Our exchange 9 inch refurbished monochrome FANUC Monitors carry a 1 year warranty also.
  • Fanuc Miscellanous such as fuses, keysheet membraneFANUC, Fuji, Mitsubishi transistor modules, CNC batteries, etc. DOA warranty only. All fuses, transistors and batteries are checked before they leave our premises.

* No Warranty Conditions: Certain GE Fanuc parts that are sold by CNC do not have warranty due to the nature of the GE Fanuc part:- Power Transistor Modules, Fuses for pcbs, power supplies, and drive units (this is due to the GE Fanuc part being blown up via incorrect or insufficient diagnosis of the fault and the solution blowing the GE Fanuc parts up). Also any GE Fanuc part of any type sold as a outright new or used product, or as a repair or exchange service being interfered with in any way that electronically or physically is altering the GE Fanuc part from the state that it left CNC Electronics West Inc premises.

Warranty is Return to base (RTB) for repair in which the costs of GE Fanuc parts and labor for the job is incurred by us (assuming it is indeed a genuine warranty). Delivery of warranty GE Fanuc parts back to the customer is via UPS ground, if however faster services are required then Customer must pay for them. In some cases, CNC Electronics West Inc may deem it possible to send out a replacement GE Fanuc part, but this is and will always be at the discretion of officers of the company to decide.