Terms & Conditions

CNC Electronics West Inc terms and conditions for business has been separated into many pages dealing with individual concerns for ease of use. At the bottom are links to pages for the following concerns. Contact, discount, payment, selling to CNC, Warranty, and a Disclaimer about the content of the web site.

This is a Summary of CNC Electronics West Inc terms and conditions of business for customers.

* Business is offered too – CNC Electronics West Inc only offer services to North and South America. Including the following countries. USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Venezuela, Colombia, and Peru. CNC products and services are not offered to companies in Europe, Asia, Africa or Australasia. CNC Electronics West Inc has key strategic alliances with other companies (Agents) that offer CNC products and services either within them continents, countries or too them countries. A list of companies can be found in our directory.

* Payment and Warranty – Warranty is validated by payment, if payment is stopped in the case of a check or a bank transfer, or a charge back on credit card – all warranties are void.

* Restocking – 50% test and restocking fee (assuming the parts still work). This is policy and no member of CNC Electronics West Inc is allowed to offer anything else. If however any parts that were sent to a customer, then sent back for restocking and 50% credit were either the incorrect part (same part # but different board to what was sent) claimed to be from CNC Electronics West Inc, or if the part is faulty the deal will be concluded. Note this does not affect warranties, but does effect any individual or company who order parts and damage them or deliberately try to act fraudulently.

Any further information you require form us please do not hesitate to contact us via email or call us on +1 (619) 477-9011