FANUC A06B-6130-H002

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Fanuc A06B-6130-H002 combines reliable performance with stability. This biSV-20 energy-efficient and capable of supporting the most complex machining tasks. Using the FSSB (Fanuc Serial Servo Bus) fiber optic interface between the CNC and biSV-20 servo amplifier unit. This 6.8A 200VAC output servo amplifier unit combines performance with stability. This biSV-20 servo unit is used in small CNC machine tools, or on specialised applications. Capable of running in remote area’s of the machine tool, powering small BETA series servo motors. The A06B6130H002 comes armed with a leakage detection feature for easy maintenance and an alarm system for detecting possible errors.

If you’re looking to replace a faulty A06B-6130-H002, look no further. We always keep these units in stock and our industry-trusted specialists can provide a wide array of services for these biSV-20 units, including exchange, diagnostic testing, and repairs. We also offer technical support for A06B6130H002 amplifiers.

Common alarms for the BETA i series servo amplifiers (FSSB only). Unfortunately this drive uses the LED system and needs to be referenced back to the CNC or Robot to find out which alarm is being reported. As it alarms LED on. So check your Control system for further information

Alarm Code LED
Converter: DC link undervoltage ON
Converter: DC link overvoltage ON
Converter: Excessive deceleration power ON
Converter: Control power supply undervoltage ON
Inverter: Internal cooling fan stopped ON
Inverter: IPM alarm ON
Inverter: Motor current alarm ON
Inverter: FSSB communication error ON

As a standard, our company prefers to supply bSVU1-20i units by exchanging them with your malfunctioning servo amp. Ensuring that you receive a competitive price along with our one-year guarantee. We also offer a 24-hour repair service that’s faster than other competitors at no extra cost to you.

Interested in learning more? Contact us if you wish to discuss options for surplus, exchange or repair of your A06B-6130-H002 module at (619) 477-9011 or by email at sales@cnc-electronics.net. We’d be happy to answer your questions!

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