FANUC A20B-2000-0180

  • 32 Bit Master (Full Size).
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12 month warranty, same day ship

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Do you need a FANUC A20B-2000-0180 master pcb. That’s right, in stock here in the US ready to ship to your location in the Western states of the US, Canada, Mexico and beyond.

This main board is a full size 0-C system master board. Part of the series Zero model C control family the A20B-2000-0180 is a dx486 processor based on 32 bit architecture. Acting as part of a 50/50 processing system with its peripheral PCB’s; memory, multiple axes control boards, I/O card, PMC-M (bigger ladder) and powered by the last of the 0-C power supplies. This master board is the backbone to 5-8 axis systems based on the Zero C. Many of these multi axis or larger 0-MC, 0-TTC controlled machine tools are still out in the field.

Benefits of ordering a Fanuc A20B-2000-0180 from CNC West?

CNC West offer extensive services for this full size 32 bit 0C master. Including ex-stock exchange ready to ship today backed by our 12 month warranty. If cost is key; then we also offer repair service (normally 5-10 days). This product whether repaired or exchange carries a one year warranty. If you have problems with this master pcb during its 1 year warranty then its covered for one year from date of purchase.

Our shipping, repair, testing policies: A20B-2000-0180.

If you need to get this product repaired; then on boards as complex as these we offer a 5-10 day repair turnaround service which includes cleaning, inspection, fault diagnosis and testing. We will always require fault information for the repair of these master pcbs.

If you order this product from us before 2.00 PM and its in stock; then we should be able to ship same day. Check our Fanuc system alarms pages for known issues.


This Fanuc A20B-2000-0180 is used on large configuration machine tools. Order an exchange from us today and get your machine up and running backed by our 12 month warranty.

Interested in learning more? Contact us too discuss options for exchange, or repair of your A20B-2000-0180 at (619) 477-9011 or by email at sales@cnc-electronics.net. We’d be happy to answer your questions and give you a free copy of our 2020 catalog!

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