FANUC A98L-0001-0902

  • Manufactured in Japan
  • BR-CCF2TH by Panasonic
  • A06B-0073-K001
  • Fitted on ALPHA servo amplifiers
  • In stock.

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FANUC A98L-0001-0902 Battery is in stock. But its alternate number is BR-CCF2TH. The OEM manufacturer of the battery is Panasonic. As a twin cell battery its a 6 Volt 5000mAh capacity backup battery for FANUC absolute positioning systems. CNC West supplies these twin cell C size battery pack used on the absolute feedback loop between CNC and servo modules.

This battery is made by Panasonic with its OEM part number off BR-CCF2TH. Fanuc have many alternate part numbers inclusive of A06B-0073-K001, A06B-6073-K002, A06B-0073-K003 dependent on configuration.

The battery uses the JAE two pin connector becuase it is common across many Fanuc battery and fan connections.

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