FANUC Spindle Amplifier Module

FANUC spindle amplifier module drive services offered by CNC West. We currently carry ALPHA spindle drives from over 19 series spanning from early SPM modules to aiSP – B versions. Offering ALPHA SPM, SPMC, aiC, aiSP, both 200VAC standard series and high voltage (400VAC) spindle amps. CNC West currently stocks over 83 different GE Fanuc alphaand ai spindle drives in US stocks. Many different services are available for GE Fanuc spindle amplifier modules; inclusive of exchange, surplus, repair and testing facilities. Further any sales either used or new outright, new or refurb exchange or repair; rebuild service carries a 12 month warranty. For the spindle modules not in stock; assuming time permits we offer a 24 hour repair turnaround services. Please contact us on +1 (619) 477-9011 to find out about our stocks for exchange or surplus sale; or our repair and testing times for your ALPHA spindle amplifier module.

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