Fanuc power supply alarm on PSM modules from the group that has been repairing Fanuc ALPHA power supply modules for over 20 years. From early PMS modules to the latest aiPS; the alarms have been relatively consistent. Do not confuse these alarms with Fanuc CNC control system power supply unit alarms; which are a different matter altogether. If you know your FANUC PSM or aiPS power supply module is faulty either type the part number to the right, fill in our get a quote form or call us for more information.

PSM Alarms A06B-6077, A06B-6081, A06B-6087, A06B-6091

2Cooling fan (INT) has stopped.
4DC voltage (DC link) has dropped.
5Circuit capacitor was not charged in time.
7DC link is abnormally high.
ACooling fan (EXT) has stopped.

aiPS Alarms A06B-6110, A06B-6120, A06B-6140, A06B-6150, 6220, 6250

  • 1 (for PSM-5.5i to 15i) The main circuit power module detected an abnormal condition.
  • 1 (for PSM-22i to 55i) Over current flowed into the input of the main circuit.
  • 2 A cooling fan.
  • 4 In the main circuit the DC voltage (DC link) has dropped.
  • 5 a. The input power supply is abnormal. b. The main circuit capacitor was not recharged within the specified time.
  • 6 The control power supply voltage decreases.
  • 7 DC link is abnormally high.
  • A A cooling fan [EXT]
  • E The input power supply is abnormal (open phase)

System Fanuc power module alarms!