FANUC Power Supply Module

CNC West the FANUC parts specialists offer a wide range of services for FANUC power supply modules. Offering services to the Western States of the USA, Canada, Mexico and other South American contries. Carrying in stock and supporting a huge variety of Fanuc ALPHA power modules. Including from model 1 too 100HV from series A06B-6077, A06B-6081, A06B-6087, A06B-6091, A06B-6110, A06B-6115, A06B-6120, A06B-6140 and A06B-6150. Too lastly the current aiPS modules A06B-6200, A06B-6250 power supplys for some unknown reason named as servo amplifiers. These modules cover aiR-1 upto aiPS-100HV and cover both the 200VAC and 400VAC high voltage series of PSM. CNC West offer many services for these drives including refurbished exchange and new units on an exchange basis. Surplus refurb and brand new power supplu modules, stock permitting. If none in stock; then we offer testing facilities on our in house built test rigs for alarms and our standard 24 hour repair turnaround service on Fanuc alpha power supply module. Backed by our 12 month warranty. Call us on +1 (619) 477-9011 too discuss your PSM/aiPS requirements.

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