FANUC BETA amplifier

CNC West support the FANUC BETA amplifier series. The BETA servo amplifiers include single, dual and the combination amps from the 6134/6164 which we will cover. Offering services to Western states of USA, Canada, Mexico and South America. The BETA amps come about as the replacement for the ALPHA SVU; which was a replacement for the standalone servo units from the pre ALPHA days. Starting with the 6093 series Fanuc offered a base level PWM version for low end earlier controls such as 21T, 21M; thru to FSSB interface for 18i/21i controls onto the bolt on I/O Link version which allowed placement anywhere on the machine controlled from the PMC ladder commands. Other than the I/O version; the BETA and Bi servo amps were for lower end CNC machines applications. This was cemented with the release of the biSVSP 6134 series which were a combination of either twin or triple axis servo with spindle drive all built into one unit. Later replaced by the 6164 series; with releases such as the 6136 dual axis series, 6130, 6160 and 6132, 6161 Bi servo units. CNC offers exchange, testing and repair on most and carry surplus 6093 series drives from PWM and I/O link interface types. 12 month warranty is offered on all BETA servo amps supplied exchange, surplus or repaired by ourselves. Contact us on +1 (619) 477-9011 with your requirements.

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