Fanuc beta unit alarms covering BETA PWM, FSSB and I/O servo units. Then bi servo units and combination biSVSP servo and spindle control with its own inbuilt power supply. These units use a variation of alarming signals from single LED alarm lights to seven segment displays on the later units. If you require ALPHA servo alarms click here

PWM & FSSB (A06B-6093-H00x and A06B-6093-H11x)

Alarm NumberLED  displayDescription
000UA parameter that requires power down has been specified
011FThe specified feedrate is zero
013FThe specified feedrate ( max feedrate) is zero
070tMore than 32 blocks have been registered for a buffering operation
085hInput from the reader/punch interface or the like caused an overrun, parity or framing error
086hInput from the reader/punch interface or the like includes an input/output unit operation ready signal (DR) that is set to off.
087hAfter input form the reader/punch interface or the like stops, character input does not stop even though ten characters have been input.
0909Reference position setting cannot be executed normally.
093uA first to third reference position return cannot be executed because the reference position has not yet been established.
224uThe reference position has not yet been established. This occurs only when the ZRTN bit of parameter No.0001  is set to 0.
2507Input data 1 is invalid
2517Input data 2 in invalid
255nOperation cannot be activated because an invalid mode is specified or because block execution is in progress.
290_ The interface switch signal (DRC) was switched during block execution.

I/O (A06B-6093-H15x, 6093-H17x, 6132-H00x)

biSVSP (A06B-6134-Hxxx#x, A06B-6164-Hxxx#H580)

biSV (A06B-6130-Hxxx, A06B-6136-Hxxx, A06B-6161-Hxxx)